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Floral Events (CO 2012 to Present), Myrddin Tales; Part 1 (CO Summer 2012), Water Bomber (CO Summer 2012), Rumors (Garvin Theatre, CA Summer 2008), Omnium Gatherum (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Spring 2008), Born Yesterday (Garvin Theatre, CA Winter 2008), The Uneasy Chair (Ensemble Theatre, CA Winter 2007), All In The Timing (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Winter 2007), Over The Tavern (Garvin Theatre, CA Fall 2007), Rough Crossing (Garvin Theatre, CA Summer 2007), Seascape (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Spring 2007), Ambition Facing West (Garvin Theatre, CA Winter 2007), The Physicists (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Winter 2006), The Foreigner (Garvin Theatre, CA Fall 2006), The Man Who Came To Dinner (Garvin Theatre, CA Summer 2006), Lola Goes To Roma (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Spring 2006), The Spitfire Grill, a Musical (Garvin Theatre, CA Winter 2006), Lives Of The Saints (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Winter 2005), Gunfighter, A Gulf War Chronicle (Garvin Theatre, CA Fall 2005), The Beard Of Avon (Garvin Theatre, CA Summer 2005), Real Women Have Curves (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Spring 2005), Enchanted April (Garvin Theatre, CA Winter 2005), Boy Gets Girl (Jurkowitz Theatre, CA Winter 2004), Ghosts (Garvin Theatre, CA Fall 2004), Bat Boy, the Musical (Garvin Theatre, CA Summer 2004), La Boheme (Macky Auditorium Concert Hall, CO Summer 2002), De Fledermaus (Macky Auditorium Concert Hall, CO Fall 2001), The Mikado (Lyric Theatre, CO Summer 2001), The Sound of Music (Lyric Theatre, CO Summer 2001), Bye-Bye Birdie (DESIGNED - Arts Outreach, CA Summer 2008), Grease (DESIGNED, BUILT, PAINTED - Arts Outreach, CA Summer 2007), Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (DESIGNED, BUILT, PAINTED - Arts Outreach, CA Summer 2006), The Music Man (DESIGNED, BUILT, PAINTED - Arts Outreach, CA Summer 2005), Peter Pan (BUILT, PAINTED - Arts Outreach, CA Summer 2004), San Marcos Drum Nightmare Before Christmas Floor Cloth (San Marcos High School, CA Winter 2007), Snoopy on Ice (All Wheel Sports Productions, CA Winter 2006), Landscape Thematic Portals (Teva International Sales Convention, CA Summer 2006), 1920's Chicago Streets (Pirate Event Design & Production, Inc, CA Fall 2005), Conny Island Store Fronts (Pirate Event Design & Production, Inc, CA Summer 2005), Halloween Tombstones (Pirate Event Design & Production, Inc, CA Fall 2004), Canne Film Festival Posters, MOCA Fundraiser (Pirate Event Design & Production, Inc, CA Fall 2004), Santa Barbara Landscape (Fiesta Celebration, CA Summer 2004), Decorative Signage (Ballard School Fundraiser, CA Spring 2006), Pastoral Mural (Los Olivos Elementary School, CA Summer 2006)

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